Model BRBX (The BarBox) takes your standard 20' or 40' shipping container and transforms it into a mobile, sustainable, solid steel bar. 


  • 2-20+ Taps
  • Holds 20-30+ Ice Cold Kegs 
  • Standard 110V hook-up (on-grid or w/ small generator for off-grid)
  • Ice Well/s
  • Electrical Outlets
  • Almost Indestructible (Hail + Wind + Rain proof)
  • Locks Shut for Overnight Storage & Security
  • Processes 10+ kegs/hour w/ multiple purchase points (5 windows)
  • Generates $15k+/hour depending on price points and crowd size


BRBX is designed to be built and branded as you see fit

  • Custom Paint/Vinyl Wrap
  • Adjustable Tap Count & Keg Room
  • Interior of Container Built to Your Bar Specs
  • Optimized for Your Ideal Alcohol Distribution

Let us know what would be best for you and we'll build your custom BRBX to your specs and create an ideal drinking experience for your guests, while making you a lot more money.