ABC at Denver Startup Week 2017

We decided to share our love of modifying shipping containers at Denver Startup Week by hosting a panel and discussion titled: Upcycling Shipping Containers - Tiny homes, agile housing, and modified container solutions. Hundreds attended and we got to share some cool ideas while answering a multitude of questions about the murky area of container construction and modification.

For example, many people think building sustainably with shipping containers is easy... Maybe they've seen a TV show and thought, "Oh cool! I could do that! It must be super cheap!"... Well yes, and no. It is very cool and you might be able to do it if you spent every day working on it for years and it definitely can be cheap(er) than building a "normal" stick-built house, but there are many factors including: zoning, financing, housing codes, minimum square footage requirements (tiny homes), etc. that make utilizing containers in home construction a bit tricker than one might think. That being said, it can be done and we love building container homes!

We love being a part of the conversation, sharing our wisdom, and helping people realize a shipping container inspired concept.